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  About Erik Jørgensen 

  Based on Weilbachs Dansk Kunstnerleksikon 1-9:

  Jørgensen, Erik. *1929 †2019 painter.

  *10.12.1929 in Copenhagen. Parents: Laborer Carl Ernst J. and Valborg Caroline Vilhelmine Petersen.  † 19. juni 2019 in Glostrup.
  ~21.1.1950 in Cph. with clerk Rosa Estrid Lindhardt. *29.10.1929 Cph.daughter of gardener Cleving Benjamin L. and Sara Wulff. † 7.12.2013

  Education: Autodidact.
  Travel and abroad: London 1964; Istanbul 1988.
  Scholarships and awards: Gerda Iversen 1952: Levin 1962: Rigenstrup 1963; J.R. Lund 1964: The Academy 1965, 1971: Bindesbøll 1967, Danish Arts Foundation 1968: Florence Abrahamson 1968-69: December exibition foundation 1968; Hammann 1969, 1971.
  Positions and duties: Teacher in drawing and painting, AOF Vestegnen; censor for Summer exhb. 1962; censor for the artist autumexhb. (KE) 1964-65; member of the commity for exhibitions abroad 1965-70; censor for Charlottenborg spring exhb.1970.

  Exibitions: KE (Artists autumn) 1959-60. 1962-63; KP (Artists easter) 1961-62. 1968-69: Summerexb., Cph.1961; Købestævnet, Fredericia 1961; Charlottenborg Spring 1962-69. 1972, 1974; Pro 1962-63; Niks Malergaard. Søster-Svenstrup 1962-69; Charl. Autumn. 1967, 1973; The Flexible 1974; Young Artists, Nikolaj, Cph.1966; Galeria Współczesna, Warszawa 1969; Poex, Cph. 1970; South Jutland, Art in everyday life, North Jutland Artmuseum 1975; Contrasts, Nikolaj, Cph. 1981; Artists for Peace, Charlottenborg 1983; Nordic days. Kotka, Finland(Suomi). 1986.; Artist group "Maj 93" 2011 and 2015
  Solo exhibitions: Gal. M., Cph. 1962; Cph. Art Gal. 1964 (with Ebbe Dyre Jarner); Artists own art trade, Cph.1971. 1976; Gal. Smedegade 2, Tønder 1972; Studio exibitions 1977-78, 1983. 1985; Anthropos Gal., London 1978; Albertslund Rådhus 1987; Garagen, Cph.1989; Gal. Concorde. Khh. 1993 (with Rudi Olsen, Poul Reimer and Preben Reinicke); Frederiksberg Tecnical school 1990, 1999. The yellow villa, Frederiksberg 2009.
In addition, exhibited in various art associations, at libraries, institutions, companies, etc.
  Works : Without titel (exhb. 1959): The bird (exhb. 1964): Petit rouge (exhb. 1965): Komposition (exhb. 1968) In the immediate vicinity of the circle (exhb.. 1972); Reflections (exhb.. 1974);

  Among others sold to: Ny Carlsberg foundation; Danish Arts Foundation; A series of paintings(1970, LO Skolen, Elsinore); Painting (Agfa Gevaert, Glostrup); Without Titel (1991. Dyrtidsfonden director's office); A series of paintings (1992, Lejerbos offices, Kisumparken, Brøndby); A series of paintings (1997. Arbejdsløshedskassernes Samvirke, Copenhagen).
  Donation: In 2016, Erik J&slash;rgensen donated his stock of paintings (around 600 works) to Rigshospitalet.
  Early on, Erik Jørgensen concentrated on the concrete-abstract design language, characterized by geometric shapes whose angles and circles appear with a tightness that contrasts with the color scheme, which is often dominated by ocher and pink hues, but often refracted by stronger primary colors. In addition to paintings, serigraphics and reliefs in wood, EJ has also made smaller stone sculptures and here used a more naturalistic, albeit simplified, form of expression. In 1962, he co-founded the Artists Group "Pro".
  Literature: Fredensborg Amtsavis 21.1.1976: cat. for: Paintings by Erik Jørgensen. Anthropos Gal.. London 1978.U.G.